Fine art underwater imagery,finance,medical,earth from space

My underwater gallery deserves a first look. I held the CMAS World Underwater Championships for 3 years. Shot for major international advertisers in exotic locations. Beautiful models. What a life!

Below are my European and United States folders which  have identical  galleries.  This is to give you the choice to order from my USA or European specialised laboratories. The  images are identical, merely the prices and in some instances the sizes and finishes vary. You can select to order from either and pay in Sterling, Euro, USA or Canadian Dollars. 

Click on an image in its gallery, select size and quantity  and then order. Your unique photo prints on archival paper or other finishes, will arrive  in around 7-10 days. You pay local taxes and shipping.  I can recommend the ALUMINI (UK). Or FLOAT  MOUNTED  METAL (USA)   prints for my underwater images.  I know they are more expensive but look and keep superbly. Perfect for bathrooms as they are waterproof.

Should there be a size that is not listed I can print to 120 inches by 72 inches  please email me direct at for a quote.


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